Experience spring in Monferrato: discover lush vineyards, historic castles, and…

What to do in Monferrato in Spring

Passeggiata nelle vigne
Passeggiata nelle vigne

Spring in Monferrato, with nature awakening and the hills dressed in new colors, is simply extraordinary.

For guests of our relais, it’s a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of this land rich in history and charm, which during this period is enhanced by gastronomic events and more.

Here are some experiences we recommend to make your stay here this spring unforgettable.

Walks among the vineyards

The hills of Monferrato, with their lush vineyards, offer breathtaking scenery. A walk among the vine rows in spring is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the landscape and breathe the fresh air.

For an even more special experience, we organize guided tours of the cellar and vineyards with tasting sessions with the producer, where you can savor some of the best products of the territory.

Castello di Calosso

Visits to castles and historical mansions

Monferrato is known for its castles and historical palaces. Take the opportunity to organize exclusive visits to some of the most fascinating historic homes in the region, where you can dive into the art and local history.

By exploring these historic residences, not only will you have the chance to admire the architecture and period furnishings, but you can also listen to stories and anecdotes that make each place unique and fascinating.

Here you can find a list of castles, fortresses, and historical homes to visit.

A bike ride with bikes and E-bikes

An experience that combines adventure, sport, and the beauty of the landscape. For cycling enthusiasts or those looking for a more relaxed stroll, we offer the option to rent mountain bikes or e-bikes, perfect for adapting to any skill level.

Riding along country roads, among rows of vines and gently rolling hills, you will have the opportunity to discover hidden corners of Monferrato, reaching ancient villages and breathtaking panoramic views.

Tour in Ebike nel Monferrato
Escursioni in E-bike

Horseback excursions

Exploring Monferrato on horseback is a unique way to immerse yourself in the beautiful countryside, an opportunity for a deep connection with nature.

Each horseback excursion at the local stables is designed for both experts and those who are riding for the first time, thanks to well-trained and gentle horses that ensure safety and enjoyment at all times.

Let yourself be guided by the peaceful rhythm of the horse, as you traverse serene and picturesque landscapes. It’s an experience that allows you to disconnect from the daily hustle in an original way and connect with peace and beauty.

Gastronomic Experiences

Here in Monferrato, all seasons are an explosion of flavors and spring is no exception. Local chefs are masters at using fresh seasonal ingredients to create dishes that reflect the local culinary tradition, with a touch of modernity.

This is the perfect time to savor spring specialties, such as local asparagus, fresh cheeses, and young wines, which embody the essence of Monferrato.

Selezione di salumi e formaggi
Cooking Class di pasta fresca

Relaxation and Wellness

At any time of the year, our relais is the perfect place for those seeking well-being of body and mind.

From relaxing massage sessions to the benefits of thermal therapies, to yoga and meditation programs immersed in nature, each experience is designed to harmonize your spirit and body.

Aperitivo a bordo piscina
Attività Yoga guidata in struttura

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Carpe diem

Opportunities to be together

Sharing special moments with loved ones is an art, and we are here to make every moment unforgettable. In the heart of Monferrato, breathtaking scenery and a special welcome await you, convivial moments around tables of delicious food and wine. From fine wine tastings to relaxing moments in our spa, every activity is designed to create precious memories. Here, the taste of shared emotions is a viaticum towards experiences that will remain in the heart, always ready to become the ideal setting for new occasions of joy together.

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